• Millan Rajasooriar CFA

Sustainability, Investment & the Future

The future of sustainability isn't just about changing how we live life, we also need to change how industry's opertae.

The investment industry needs to stop focus on chasing easy gain and start to measure the impact it's portfolio creates on our planet and society. It is possible to achieve great that market rate return by investing your money responsibly, it just means your financial advisor will need to do more work to assess the companies that are being considered for investment.

It serves to encourage anyone with a pension, fund portfolio to challenge their advisors to invest money in a responsible way, by diverting money markets away from irresponsible business proactices we will force the way business is done the change faster than an government policy can.

Our contributer and writer Millan Rajasooriar CFA specialises in Responsible Investing and Impact Measurement

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